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Moving your files to SDR just got even easier

Our latest self-deposit feature makes it a breeze to move content from Oak, Sherlock, and Google Drive to the Stanford Digital Repository.

Earlier this year, we made it easier for you to send large files to the SDR when we connected the file transfer service Globus to our self-deposit application. Now we've made moving files from some of your favorite Stanford locations to the SDR even easier.

If your content is on Oak, Sherlock, or Stanford's Google Drive, you are no longer need to install software or even figure out how to wrangle the Globus transfer window to show your files on one side and our destination folder on the other.

All you need to do is choose the Globus file upload and then select Oak, Sherlock, or Google Drive from the drop-down menu. We'll create a link that takes you exactly where you need to be. The video at the top of this page shows you how. If you've never used Globus before, you'll be escorted through the necessary Globus authorizations first (not shown).

We ask that if you are planning to deposit 1 TB or more of content that you contact us first at before you start.

If you'd like to use the SDR for sharing and preserving your research data, contact us using the link below to request access to the self-deposit web application.

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