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SDR deposits are now sent to ORCID records

Include your ORCID when you deposit to the SDR and your work will automatically show up on your ORCID record.

Including your ORCID iD when you publish in the SDR helps make sure that you're getting credit for the work that you do, but now there's a new reason to include your ORCID iD with every deposit.

ORCID is a persistent, digital identifier that you own and control, and that distinguishes you from every other researcher. By using your ORCID iD everywhere you can, you help get yourself credit for the papers you publish, the articles you review, the service you perform, and the grants you receive.

Now when you deposit to the SDR and include your ORCID iD, we'll automatically update your ORCID record with the work you're publishing with us, as long as you've given us permission to do so. We'll also update the ORCID records of all the other authors and contributors on your work for which ORCIDs are included and who have given us the same permission.

Authorize Stanford

To make Stanford a trusted party with permission to make changes to your ORCID record, visit the authorize portal and choose the option to allow Stanford to "read and update" your ORCID record. 

Include your ORCID

When you deposit a work using our self-deposit application, include ORCID iDs for every author and contributor. We'll identify which ORCIDs are linked to Stanford folks who have given us permission to update their records.

If you want to be alerted when new works are posted, go to ORCID and check "Account settings" > "Email frequency" to request notifications when changes are made to your record by trusted parties. You can also set all new works to Private so you can review them before they are published to your record by checking ORCID "Account settings" > "Visibility."

Already have a work published in the SDR that you'd like to show up on your ORCID record? No worries! We've sent all existing works as well, so your ORCID record should now be up-to-date!

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