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Your SDR works have impact!

SDR deposits now have view and download metrics and Altmetric donuts to help you better understand the impacts of your works.
Image by Sam Cox on flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED.

We are excited to announce that the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) now provides usage metrics and Altmetric data for the content you deposit. This has been on our wish list -- and yours! -- for a long time, and we couldn't be more pleased that these features are finally here.

Check out a PURL page like this one and you'll see this info displayed in a new "Usage metrics" section on the bottom right of the page. We've also documented how we use Ahoy to generate these numbers. Our usage metrics are updated in real-time and automatically exclude activity originating from robots like web crawlers. 

Keep in mind...

Since we started collecting data only recently, items that were previously deposited may have artificially low metrics, because they'll only include views and downloads from a portion of the time the item has been available online. 

Our other big addition is Altmetric -- fondly referred to as "donuts." Altmetric donuts indicate online attention to the content on news sites, blogs, X (formerly known as Twitter), policy documents, social media, and online reference managers. The Altmetric Attention Score (the number inside the donut) is a quantitative measure of the quality and quantity of attention the item has received. 

Not being tracked?

If you don't see an Altmetric donut on your content or a note saying it's being tracked by Altmetric, it's because the item doesn't have a DOI. A DOI is required for Altmetric tracking. Luckily, getting a DOI via the self-deposit app is easy. Choose to get one when you first deposit your work, or create a new version and opt to get a DOI, then redeposit.

Not getting attention?

If your item is being tracked but doesn't appear to be getting much attention, be sure the DOI is getting used. Altmetric only looks online for DOIs. So, get that DOI, share it with others, and make sure everyone uses it when they talk about your work!

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